[Review] School Babysitters – Episode 1

Childcare is a big deal for me. Nothing grates on me more than poorly written fictional children, who tend to be either overly precocious and precious or totally helpless. There’s also few things that bring me greater joy in fiction than well-written children, because it’s so hard to capture that mix of sweetness, natural self-centeredness, and unpredictability that characterizes the age. I approached School Babysitters with some trepidation—could it nail the chaos of a daycare?

The answer, it turns out, is a resounding YES.

[Review] Mitsuboshi Colors – Episode 1

I finished Mitsuboshi Colors with a deep sigh of a relief and a cry of “Oh THANK GOD it isn’t lolicon!” There’s more to like about it than just that, mind you, but if you saw the cover art and were side-eyeing it like I was, I figured I should start this review by putting your greatest fears to rest. Based on this premiere, Mitsuboshi Colors is more-or-less a family-friendly show, albeit one with a saucy streak.

[Review] Time Bokan 24 – episode 1

Tokio is a teenage boy who is terrible at keeping time. Running late to school one day, he is in the wrong place at the wrong time when a giant mechanical beetle spaceship appears out of nowhere. Its pilot, a girl named Calen, drags him inside the beetle to safety before jetting off to evade their pursuers. Tokio learns that Calen and her sidekicks are from the 24th century and travelling through time to record real history as it actually happened. Her pursuers are from the company that writes the universe’s history textbooks, trying to stop her from completing her missions so they don’t have to make the edits required to their publications.