Winter 2017 premiere rankings

Another season of premieres reviewed! I have never found a season as disheartening as this one. It was five painful days before I finally found something to enthusiastically recommend, and I credit Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju for reminding me in that time of the heights anime can reach. It felt like a constant process of my bar for quality being lowered and lowered again, then occasionally spiked back up to where I had forgotten it could be.

[Review] Fuuka – episodes 1 and 2

Yuu Haruna moves to Tokyo to live with his three sisters when his parents go overseas for work. Before starting he runs into an overbearing girl called Fuuka, who breaks his phone when she thinks he is taking upskirt pictures of her then turns out to be a classmate in his new school. SPOILERS: discussion of specific scenes and plot points from the first two episodes of Fuuka