[Podcast] Chatty AF 9: Team Q&A part 2

The second part of our Q&A responding to questions from our Twitter followers! (You can find the first part here.) This time the questions are all about anime. Listen to us talk about our favourites, disappointments and guilty pleasures from the Fall 2016, Winter and Spring 2017 seasons and beyond.

[Review] Occultic;Nine – episode 1

Teenager Yuta runs a snarky occult news blog. Black magic consultant Kurenaino runs a shop trading in curses. Publisher Sumikaze wonders if her boss saw a ghost when he went to collect a handwritten manuscript from one of their authors. Nine very different people’s paths begin to draw together, all …

[Review] ClassicaLoid – episode 1

Kanae has inherited her grandmother’s beautiful old mansion, with windows shaped like violins and a pipe organ in the great hall. Grieving her lost grandmother, she tries to kick out her dad’s weird friends, heelie-loving Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and gyoza-obsessed Ludwig van Beethoven before the mansion is destroyed.

[Review] ALL OUT!! – episode 1

Gion is a small but tough-talking and violent high school freshman who is captivated by rugby after watching a game with fellow freshman Iwashimizu. However, tall and gentle Iwashimizu has played rugby before and wants no part of it, a decision Gion decides he cannot accept.

[Review] Yuri!!! on ICE – episode 1

Yuri is a young figure skater considering retirement after he plummeted from world championship level to failing to qualify at nationals over the course of a single season. He goes home for the first time in five years in poor physical and emotional condition, reconnecting with his family and trying to …

[Review] Nanbaka – episode 1

Four quirky criminals have managed to break out of prisons around the world, but now they’re locked in a cell together in a prison that prides itself on a perfect record of no escapes. This doesn’t faze the foursome, who enjoy their life of air-conditioning, good food and internet access. Still, they are professional …

[Review] Trickster – episode 1

Akechi Kogorou is a detective working with the police to investigate a suspicious incident with a security robot. Kensuke Hanazaki is a teenager in the Boy Detectives’ Club. Working on a case one day with the assistance of frill-loving shut-in Noro, he comes across Yoshio Kobayashi, a boy with a …