Winter 2017 premiere rankings

Another season of premieres reviewed! I have never found a season as disheartening as this one. It was five painful days before I finally found something to enthusiastically recommend, and I credit Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju for reminding me in that time of the heights anime can reach. It felt like a constant process of my bar for quality being lowered and lowered again, then occasionally spiked back up to where I had forgotten it could be.

[Review] elDLIVE – episode 1

Chuta Kokonose is a middle school boy who has always had a voice in his head. It talks over the voices around him, and he inadvertently replies to it, meaning he often appears to be distracted or talking to himself. He lives in a muffin shop with his aunt since his parents died and tries not to interact too much with other people – not difficult as he has a reputation for being a bit weird. One day he’s helping out at the shop when he’s surrounded by a beam of light. The light transports him to a spaceship housing the space police elDLIVE, where they ask him to join the force and help capture bad aliens.