[Review] Clockwork Planet – episode 1

The planet Earth died, got replaced by all gears by some genius named Y. 1000 years later, a kid named Naoto struggles to fix a clock but loves gears so much that the universe rewards him with his very own robot-woman, RyuZU, who vows eternal servitude to him by way of fellating his finger. There’s also a young girl genius called Meister Marie who is doing some kind of investigation and occasionally forgetting to put on clothes that cover her crotch.

This will be a pretty short review.

There is actually some fun stuff in here. Meister Marie is foul-mouthed, impatient and respected enough to be able to get away with disrespecting the “incompetent shitheads” she works with.

Marie, a little blonde girl in a uniform, sits with legs crossed in an unladylike way in the backseat of a car, her head propped on one hand, looking irritated.

RyuZU is aware of her superiority to humans but oblivious to their feelings. She makes insulting observations with a disarming smile, to the dismay but eventual resigned acceptance of her master, Naoto. Unfortunately, this character quirk is used to make things as sexual as possible between the very adult looking RyuZU and the very young looking Naoto.

RyuZU, with a sweet smile. Subtitle: "Master Naoto, you are a pervert."

RyuZU is never actually given the chance to be a character, falling quickly into the role of proving Naoto’s manhood by suggesting he is sexually attractive to her.

A fantasy view of Ryuzu, lying back on a bed of flowers with red ribbon wrapped around her naked torso as she smiles and blushes. Subtitle: "It is my job as your servant to accept them all."

Did I mention that RyuZU is Naoto’s indentured servant? At RyuZU’s suggestion? Signed and sealed with a detailed act of finger fellatio with absolutely no in-universe justification as to why this is a necessary thing for robot contracts?

RyuZU holds Naoto's hand in hers, sucking on his outstretched finger.

These are the wishful thinking power dynamics of a straight teenage boy with a boner. She just fell out of the sky then had no interest in going back where she came from, how lucky is that? She’s his slave, but she wanted to be! They made a contract, but involving sexual acts rather than sub-clauses! She comes on to him, but he doesn’t take advantage of her! She’s a robot, but she seems to be developing feelings for Naoto because he doesn’t treat her like a sexbot no matter how much she tries to convince him to!

RyuZU looks down at Naoto, who sleeps on her lap, looking worried. Subtitle: "What does Master Naoto think about me?"

But that’s just one character. What about the talented, profane, commanding Marie?

Marie stands in a coat which has fallen open to show her naked body, with her bodyguard's cigarette covering our view of her crotch. She is bright red and horrified.

Never mind.

The double standard of using women’s bodies to humiliate an accomplished young girl while proving the worth of an undistinguished young boy is nothing new. Not sure whether this is better or worse than the ridiculous uniforms and sexual assault of Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor, but I would probbly watch a second episode of that before Clockwork Planet.

An opening sequence set in the future informs us that there’s some plot coming involving Marie, Naoto, RyuZU and Marie’s bodyguard fighting together against some threat. That looked promising enough and I actually quite like the whole clockwork premise, but I don’t think I can bring myself to stick around when these are the intentions they have for their main characters. If I do, it’ll be for Marie.

Marie running with a gun in her hands, looking annoyed and speaking into a microphone. Subtitle: "Who said you could boss me around, Naoto?"


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  • Rory More

    Clockwork aesthetic is a plus in my books! The rest… 🙁

    Considering who I am I would love the ability to just click a filter on all anime and remove fanservice entirely but I realise that isn’t realistic, and as I’ve been told, not even really fair. For the people who want to indulge in this kind of a fantasy, I suppose it should be their right to. There is a whole aspect of the human experience that I am unable to experience so I have to trust those around me with their opinions and morals on the matter. While removing all fanservice from the universe might not be fair, I hope one day, tags are extensive enough where I can filter out the content that ranges from annoying me with reduced screen time for important scenes and violently tearing me away from the narrative

    I was not ready for Taboo Tattoo

  • Completely right, and I’m definitely on board with that. It was more the finger fellatio as a way to seal a contract of servitude between robots and humans that sealed my views on this show. The relationship between robots and sexuality, properly explored, could be a really incredible subject for an anime.

  • Joseph Uchiha

    The anime was crap , the manga wasnt this ecchi and was actually interesting . this is a case of a bad anime adaptation

  • Joseph Uchiha

    The anime was crap , the manga wasnt this ecchi and was actually interesting . this is a case of a bad anime adaptation.