[Podcast] Chatty AF 6: Team Q&A part 1

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Chatty AF 6: Team Q&A Part 1 – now available on iTunes and Stitcher!

Part 1 of Anime Feminist’s six-month anniversary Q&A. Amelia, Dee, Peter, and Vrai answer questions about the founding, development, and future of Anime Feminist.

00:00 Intro
01:45 Origin stories
16:20 In those 6 months running AniFem what did you guys enjoy the most? And what was the biggest challenge? – Marion Bea @marionbwrites
30:38 How much of what you’re doing now is a surprise to you? Like what’s unexpected, what’s not? Quiet Dove @theplatinumdove
39:21 How did you become what you wanted irt media criticism, and do you have any advice on that front? Quiet Dove @theplatinumdove
53:31 What do you think the NEXT six months will look like? @7_is_lucky
1:07:23 Outro

Recorded Saturday 29th April 2017

Music: Open Those Bright Eyes by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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  • ImaniToo

    Okay, so by tonight you’ll have one more Patreon supporter ^_^. with hopefully more than a dollar.

    After this podcast I had to look for Cook’s Mary Sue article. I braced myself for a really provocative hot take on Something Sacred. Instead, I got a clear explanation on a term I hadn’t properly understood until now. Thank you. My rants about what the writers did to Amira in Rage of Bahamut will be a lot more concise. (What’s this fascination with women’s appetites? Why is this always presented as cute and entertaining? I can guess why but I find it so dumb and lazy these days.)

    Thank you all so much for putting yourselves “on the cross”. If it weren’t for this site I doubt I would be on Crunchyroll keeping up with tv anime the way I do now.

  • rugose-appendage

    Oh no, I totally think you’re right. The school heart-throb Kyouko did promote a play in Aoi Hana, and she’s pretty tomboyish, so I thought this was her.

    I was bitterly disappointed at the end of Aoi Hana Fumi and Akira don’t go out. I want them to make more seasons so it can happen.

    • Verso Sciolto

      Thanks for clearing up that aspect…

      Kyouko, such complex emotions. The resolutions in her character’s story would already make the manga a great read. In many respects she remains a catalyst to the very end.

      Maybe the new English translation of the manga -to be released by Viz Media starting from September- will generate renewed interest in additional adaptations… Wishful thinking.

  • fyi all the links to the people who submitted questions are to soundcloud, and not twitter