[Podcast] Chatty AF 4: Japanese versions of Ghost in the Shell

Two weeks ago we talked about the main characters of Re:ZERO: entitled teenager Subaru, noble magic-user Emilia and submissive, self-sacrificing Rem. This week we go in the opposite direction as possible to talk about the manga and anime versions of cyborg military professional Motoko Kusanagi in the Ghost in the Shell franchise with special guests Valerie Complex and Brian Ruh!

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SPOILERS: for the entire franchise of Ghost in the Shell

00:00 Intro: What has been your experience with Ghost in the Shell?
06:22 The manga, and manga artist Shirow’s other work
10:48 Different versions of Ghost in the Shell and Motoko
23:29 Motoko’s sexuality
30:24 Motoko’s body and clothing
37:30 Differences in Ghost in the Shell: Arise
45:50 How could Hollywood have adapted Ghost in the Shell?
58:22 Outro

Valerie: twitter.com/ValerieComplex
Brian: twitter.com/brianruh
Peter: twitter.com/peterfobian
Amelia: twitter.com/neutralfemale


Valerie’s Rotten Tomatoes page

Brian’s book Stray Dog of Anime: The Films of Mamoru Oshii

Claire Napier’s series “The Major’s Body” (part 1)

Valerie’s primer on the Ghost in the Shell franchise

Brian’s post “Who is the real Motoko Kusanagi?”

Valerie’s review of the remake preview


Recorded Saturday 18th March 2017

Music: Open Those Bright Eyes by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


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  • Dawfydd

    I haven’t had a chance to listen to the podcast yet (sorry!) but in the last piece about Hollywood could have adapted Ghost in the Shell, do you touch at all on the fact that Shirow did do a piece of concept art many years ago for a Ghost in the Shell set in the States and with characters clearly intended to be western?

    (although personally Appleseed has always struck me as being far more ripe for Hollywood adaptation, given Deunen is herself American and the rest of the cast are incredibly multi-national in their origins)

    • Peter

      It didn’t come up.I was actually completely unaware of it. Seems pretty obscure? Oshii stated in an interview he approved of the casting as well, but personally I don’t think that makes much of a difference in the discussion. I suppose I’m glad Oshii and Shirow aren’t put out, at the very least.

      Valerie mentioned Dominion Tank Police and Appleseed came up during a discuss we had outside of the recording. Definitely a lot of alternatives.

  • David

    Very difficult to listen to the podcast. Brian is almost inaudible without turning the volume up to levels that leaves everyone else screaming as soon as they pop back into the discussion.

    Since I don’t want to play the volume game, going to give it a pass.

    • Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties with individual tracks for this episode which meant our options were to present it as it is or write it off completely. While the resulting volume differences are far from ideal, I managed to listen to it through without quite the experience you’re describing, hence deciding to put it up. I’m just pleased we ended up with an episode at all, it would have been a shame to scrap the conversation completely and prevent anyone having the opportunity to hear it based on less than ideal audio quality alone.

      • Peter

        The issue with Brian’s audio track also resolved itself over the course of the cast. I increased it in the early minutes as much as I could without getting feedback but at about the midpoint his voice was coming in at a normal level.

  • Belaam

    Perhaps I’m just an idiot (okay, actually reasonably likely), but with the podcast pinned to the top of the page, it actually took me a while to realize you had new content below this and the weekly links. Any chance of getting the podcast and links a permanent home off to one side of the page and then newest content front and center?

    • Thank you for bringing this up! I’ll have a word with the technical brains on the team and ask them for advice on this, it’s a great point.