[Review] Dies Irae – episode 0

In 1939 Germany, General Reinhard Heydrich takes one Karl Krafft on as his follower, since he’s a supposed sorcerer who can see the future. Through Krafft’s guidance and a series of encounters with a trio of women who call themselves Valkyries, an odd couple made up of a torture-happy beauty and her priestly companion, and another pair of superpowered oddballs on a rampage, Reinhard is gradually encouraged to throw off his self-imposed limitations and take the world by storm for his own ends.

[Review] Girls’ Last Tour – episode 1

Civilization is dead, but Chito and Yuuri are still alive. So they hop aboard their beloved Kettenkrad motorbike and aimlessly wander the ruins of the world they once knew. Day after hopeless day, they look for their next meal and fuel for their ride. But as long as the two are together, even an existence as bleak as theirs has a ray or two of sunshine in it, whether they’re sucking down their fill of soup or hunting for machine parts to tinker with. For two girls in a world full of nothing, the experiences and feelings the two share give them something to live for.

[Review] In This Corner of the World

Otakon held a special screening of In This Corner of the World, the new feature film from studio MAPPA (Kids on the Slope, Yuri!!! on ICE), with an introductory talk from producer Maruyama Masao and animation director Matsubara Hidenori. There was also a post-screening Q&A panel with the two creators later that afternoon. The film had already drawn critical acclaim, so a good portion of the AniFem team attended both events, notepads and tissues at the ready.

Now that we’ve had some time to get our thoughts collected and our emotions under control, we thought we’d share our impressions of the film in a spoiler-free series of commentaries, similar to our team recommendations. If you’re in a hurry, the short version is that it’s excellent and we all heartily encourage readers to go see it. And if you’d like a little more detail than that, please check out the write-ups from Dee, Vrai, and Amelia below!

[Review] Saga of Tanya the Evil – episode 1

The Empire is a strong nation defending its borders from potential enemies. A force of military mages travels around, destroying invading forces from the surrounding countries. One such force is led by Second Lieutenant Tanya Degurechaff, a fierce leader who looks like a child but is known as “the Devil of the Rhine”.

[Review] Drifters – episode 1

Toyohisa of the Shimazu clan is on the verge of death after fighting bravely in the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600, which signalled the start of the Tokugawa shogunate in Japan. Suddenly he finds himself in a white corridor, facing a man in strange clothes sitting at a desk in a white corridor. A moment later he is in a new land, rescued from death by people who claim to be famous Japanese warriors of the past.

[Review] Izetta: The Last Witch – episode 1

Princess Finé is travelling covertly from her country Eylstadt to Britannia, to negotiate with the Allies for military support before her country is invaded by Germania (in a conflict that is definitely not World War II). The journey is dangerous, and while evading capture she comes across a capsule, strapped shut, with what looks like a girl inside.