[Review] IDOLiSH7 – Episode 1

Well, this sure is a boy idol show.

Okay, sorry, that’s not fair. It’s not IDOLiSH7’s (boy that’s going to be annoying to type) fault that boy idol shows have become the new big thing these days. Still, the genre has quickly gotten overcrowded, and it’s going to be an uphill battle for any new one to distinguish itself.

The thing is? I think IDOLiSH7 has a chance.

[Review] Battle Girl High School – episode 1

In the year 2045, the world has been contaminated by Irōsu (mysterious invaders who suddenly appeared), and humans find themselves restricted and contained. Standing boldly against these invaders are ordinary girls everywhere, without a powerful army or even weapons. The Shinjugamine Girls Academy is a school for these “Hoshimori” (Star Guardians) destined to fight the Irōsu. Source: Anime News Network The first 66 seconds of this premiere spend 24 of those seconds introducing 14 young schoolgirls who will presumably become equally important. That’s 14 character introductions in 24 seconds as they sit in a classroom, doing their best to extol the one trait which will tell each of them apart, as their names flash up next to each of them on screen. It’s a lazy, overdone approach to introducing large ensembles, and one which suggests endearing audiences to the characters is a low priority. And frankly, Battle Girl High School is pretty lazy and overdone overall.

[Review] Idol Incidents – episode 1

Schoolgirl Natsuki Hoshina is singing in her village when the leader of the Heroine Party invites her to join the party and run for office – via auditioning for the Idol Dietwomen, a group of women who enter politics as idols. While training for the election, she practises with the well-respected Idol Dietwoman Shizuka Onimaru and deals with mudslinging from her opposition in the election.

[Review] DREAM FESTIVAL! – episode 1

Kanade Amamiya is an athletic high schooler at a loose end since he quit soccer for completely avoidable and ridiculous reasons. Scouted by an idol agency, he initially has no interest until interacting with boyband members in training (with conveniently contrasting hair colours and aesthetics) brings out his competitive side. If he joins the agency, he will have to work hard with the other rookies towards a performance at DREAM FESTIVAL!, an event where the agency decides which of them will form groups and debut as idols. If he doesn’t join, he gets to carry on his part time job of handing out balloons to small children for no apparent charge. This is a difficult decision which he ponders for most of the episode.