[Review] SENGOKU NIGHT BLOOD – episode 1

Adaptations are hard, folks. Adapting a video game is particularly difficult. And a visual novel? Maybe the toughest of them all. Lots of characters, multiple routes, a protagonist specifically designed to have minimal personality so the player can map themselves into the role… none of that transfers well to the more passive, streamlined medium of television. It’s tough. I get it.

So have sympathy for those tasked with VN adaptations, dear readers. And if ever you find yourself in a position to write the premiere for such an adaptation, think back to the first half of Sengoku Night Blood—and do exactly the opposite of what they did.

[Review] Lostorage incited WIXOSS – episode 1

Suzuko moved away from her hometown and best friend Chinatsu as a child, but now she has moved back as a teenager they have lost touch, and Chinatsu is nowhere to be found. Out of place and finding it hard to make friends, Suzuko buys the starter pack for a card game her classmates seem to enjoy, only on opening it she is told she is a Selector. Selectors cannot refuse battles with other Selectors, and losing will sacrifice their memories. Suzuko is terrified of losing her memories of Chinatsu, but also has no idea how to play this game, let alone against more experienced opponents who also have memories at stake.