[Editorial] Otakon Convention Report

Team AniFem is out and about at anime conventions this month, with multiple members attending Otakon in Washington, D.C.; AnimeFest in Dallas, TX; and the very first Crunchyroll Expo in Santa Clara, CA. Each week we’ll be bringing you our personal accounts and impressions as informal “Con Reports,” with staff members sharing their thoughts and experiences. We’re kicking things off with our Otakon Report, where a whole lot of us were able to get together for a whirlwind three days of fans, panels, and more cool cosplay than you can shake a stick at. Dee, Lauren, Vrai, and Amelia chime in below.

[Editorial] The Big Problem Behind Unpaid Interpreters: Why anime fans should value their skills

This week Anime Expo, the biggest anime convention in the English speaking world, put a call out for volunteer interpreters. Anime Expo is far from a new event, and had over 100,000 attendees last year. How did they fail to account for the cost of professional interpreters when budgeting? If they can’t afford to pay interpreters, what hope do any of the smaller cons have? Let’s be real: they didn’t fail to account for it, and they can afford it. AX is a big enough event in the fandom calendar that they could have bumped ticket prices up by under a dollar each to bring in the necessary funds. If for some reason that wasn’t an option, they’re a big enough name that they could even have crowdfunded it. There’s no good reason not to pay every single interpreter for their work. There are, however, a couple of bad ones.

[Editorial] What’s feminism got to do with Nazis?

“What’s feminism got to do with Nazis?” Since we posted our first news article, which detailed how major site MyAnimeList edited a Jewish contributor’s explicitly anti-Nazi feature weeks after publication to make it more sympathetic to Nazis, a handful of people have asked this question. This is not a real question asked in good faith. This is a rhetorical question, posed in order to criticise our decision to post this article. It is a silencing tactic. “Feminism has nothing to do with Nazis. Why are you getting involved in something that’s not your place? Stop using your site as a platform for your personal politics.”