[AniFemTalk] Women behind the scenes

As Sayo Yamamoto, Mitsuru Kubo, and a host of other talented folks graced AnimeFest’s 2017 lineup, it became clearer than ever that this level of celebrity status is pretty uncommon for women in the anime industry (particularly in western fandom). The reasoning is twofold: the contributions of behind-the-scenes folks tend to be less obvious to a fan who isn’t industry savvy, and the big, recognizable jobs like director and head writer often go to men. That Yuri!!! on ICE is a success with women directing and writing, and that Yamamoto in particular is gaining fame when so much of her work focuses on adult women’s stories, is special indeed.

In honor of that, let’s celebrate the women who work on the production side of the anime industry.

  • How much attention do you pay to the production side of anime?
  • Who’s your favorite female writer, director, or animator?
  • Are there any up-and-coming artists you’re keeping an eye on?
  • What works would you like to see adapted with women in writer and/or director roles?


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  • alecksis

    I haven’t been in the anime scene for long enough to recognize much aside from the studio. And even then, all I know is “Oh, I like Studio Trigger’s art style” (I know I know I know don’t @ me abt Kill La Kill etc.) With manga, I usually try to do a little more digging on the mangaka. I read a lot of yuri so I always want to know a little more about the creator (as I do with most media featuring queer relationships.)

    I would love to know more about the women involved in production, or more about female artists and creators. I loved the feature on Tiv (https://www.animefeminist.com/feature-creator-spotlight-tiv-korean-born-manga-artist/)– I even read two volumes of Masamune-kun’s Revenge because I loved the art style and I loved knowing more about the artist. I ended up abandoning the series because it’s pretty gross, but it made for a fun experience going into it.

    I don’t know who is adapting Citrus but I know the mangaka is a woman, and I would like it to be adapted by women because that story sits on the border of gross and really fucking good in regards to its presentation of female characters (and some are already leagues worse than others).

  • rubi-kun

    Kimiko Ueno’s scripts for Space Dandy and Little Witch Academia place her high on my “to watch” list.

  • athenia45

    I would say I don’t know much about behind the scenes of anime, but I do know the Cowboy Bebop probably owes much of its success to its screenwriter, Keiko Nobumoto and her name isn’t as recognizable as Shinichirō Watanabe’s.