[AniFemTalk] Summer 2017 so far

The Summer 2017 premieres are almost all out – what do you think so far?

  • Which shows do you intend to keep up with?
  • Which were you surprised by, for better or worse?
  • Which do you think will be of particular interest to AniFem readers?
  • Which do you suspect you may enjoy even though it’s not exactly feminist-friendly?
  • Which of our premiere reviews has been your favorite so far?


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  • Ergoemos

    Not to repeat what I said in the Spring wrap-up thread, I am increasingly excited for the second half of Re:Creators. Its practically written for me.

    Incredibly smart writing and characters, and a very strong female cast. Its a show that is going to dethrone one of my top three anime of all time as long as it doesn’t fall off a cliff at the ending.

    Its something I’d almost certainly recommend to anyone who doesn’t watch anime but likes novels and stories of any kind. Its a narrative about narratives. For anyone who likes Redshirts by John Scalzi, the Will Farrell movie Stranger than Fiction, or even the Player-Game Character interaction moments of Undertale or The Stanley Parable.

    And there are so many moments that – as an anime fan who pretty quickly turns off at the usual tropes and eye-rolls of Anime in general – subvert my expectations that I am generally really pleased about. No panty shots, no gags about breast envy between female characters, no obvious romance between the “Main Character Boy” and ALL (or any of) the other women…

    Anyway, can’t rave enough. Hope everyone gets a chance to see it some day.

    • alecksis

      Ohh. I had no interest in ReCreators (or any of the Re- anythings) but now you’ve totally sold me on this one. I LOVE those meta sorts of stories. And I have an Undertale tattoo. So. Uh. Yeah.

  • alecksis

    I think the only shows I’m locked in to at this point are (ANOTHER! SEASON! OF!) My Hero Academia and Kakegurui. The reviews piqued my interest in Princess Principal and Made in Abyss, but since neither are on CrunchyRoll and I have a one-show limit to, uh, “finding” things I want to watch, I probably won’t get to watch either for some time.

    Anyways, though I don’t know that Kakegurui is particularly feminist-friendly except for its variety (and majority!) of compelling female characters, I’m really enjoying it. I’ve caught up in the manga as well (Bless you, BookWalker.). The whole story is about a school where gambling is valued more than academics or athletics, there’s a strict caste system, and the main character transfers in and starts messing everything up because she’s a compulsive gambler. There’s a lot of “fan service,” but it’s mostly used to exaggerate the horror and perverse satisfaction of the high stakes gambling and how deviant all the characters who participate in the system actually are. I’d recommend it to people I already know have a high tolerance to ecchi and want something twisted and psychological. It’s kind of similar to No Game No Life but without any hint of sexualized loli sister characters in the 42 chapters I’ve read.

  • Check out Magical Circle Guru-Guru for the first time in ages that the protective value of the heroine’s clothing in a JRPG world has been prioritized over getting her into a +5 Bikini of Distraction.

  • ImaniToo

    Ep 14 of Sakura Quest is the one that made me fall in love with it. There were moments that resonated in the previous arc but nothing that hit me quite like seeing Yoshino at home interacting with her family and former school mates. In some sense, the show is entirely about how difficult it is to achieve normal happiness; such an enormous task that feels like it can take up one’s entire life. It may end up being my favourite summer season show.

    In truth, with all the hype titles on Amazon I haven’t found much of interest. I’m not making much of an effort to look, tbh, as I catch up on shows like MHA, Escaflowne, and House of Five Leaves. I’m sticking with Sakura Quest. I picked up Katsugeki! Touken Ranbu: purely light fare filled with pretty boys doing flashy sword fights in a historical setting, which is my sweet spot. The only female character so far is an inn worker so…not at the crest of the feminist wave.

    Vrais’ Vatican show review is my favourite so far because our tastes seem entirely in sync. I love the utter irreverence anime shows to Christianity. Stab to the heart when I saw it was on Amazon. Bah.

    • Moke

      Can confirm Sakura Quest continues to be absolutely fantastic.

  • I can’t help but think that Love & Lies was intentionally styled/designed to remind me of Scum’s Wish (is there anyone who worked on both series because I can’t find any actual link between the two) but that’s probably pushing a lot of my enjoyment of it and hope that it will at least touch on more interesting routes.

    I will say the main interest for me comes in the second episode–the character they introduce there is wayyyy more interesting than either romantic lead.

  • Ryoken

    So far, the only show that has floored me is Tsuredure Children.
    Probably one of the most engrossing, charming and well written teen romances I’ve seen, and the fact that it nails it’s themes and characters in just 12 Minute, segmented episodes is utterly amazing.
    Hoping it gets an AF review in the future.