[AniFemTalk] Your questions, your answers

AniFem turned six months old on April 11th! To celebrate, Dee, Peter, Vrai and I recorded the first ever Q&A episode of our podcast, Chatty AF. Well, episodeS – we asked on Twitter for your questions, and got such a great response we had to record two episodes to answer them all.

Those episodes will come out next month. In the meantime, here are versions of some of the questions we answer in the recordings – we’d love to know your answers!


  • What is your favorite series that has come out since AniFem launched on 11th October 2016?
  • What’s your favorite guilty pleasure anime or manga from the past six months?
  • How often do you genuinely enjoy problematic anime or manga?
  • What anime and manga have you really wanted to like but been unable to, and why?
  • What series has come closest to flawless and in the same breath, what have you seen that is the most irredeemable?
  • What other anime or manga do you most look forward to reading AniFem posts on, whether it’s current/upcoming or a classic?

Speaking of podcasts, we committed to putting out weekly episodes of Chatty AF once we reach $900 in income. We’re currently at $897 in Patreon pledges. Pledges fluctuate as a general rule, and there is always a dip at the beginning of the month after payments are taken. In other words, we really need to be at around $920 or so before the end of April to guarantee weekly podcast episodes from May.

We have submitted Chatty AF to iTunes and Stitcher, and should hear whether we’ve been approved in the next week or two. We have a number of one-off episodes planned, plus a new series we think you’ll all really enjoy. However, we can only start working on these once we have $900 in income from May onwards. To help push us past that line, please become a patron today!


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  • I think I remember you saying the podcast had been submitted to Google Play Music as well in a past post. Is it also still waiting to be approved?

    • Not submitted – working on it. Google hasn’t made the service available outside the US yet. :/ We’re trying workarounds, will keep you updated when something works! We definitely want to make it available there, so this regional policy is a bit frustrating.

      • Ah, I know that this regional restriction has impacted multiple podcasts I want to subscribe to :/ hopefully Google will get it expanded to more countries soon. thanks for the update!

  • John Clark

    By far my favorite anime that’s been released since October has been Flip Flappers. Man that show was just fantastic. It is already one of my all time favorite shows. Cocona was a much needed reinvigoration of the Shinji archetype. She is a much more compelling and interesting lead than most, even while being mired in depression at the start of the series. It also kicked the ass of the whole “dark magical girl” trend, which was awesome. Flip Flappers was certainly influenced by Madoka Magica, which was a fantastic show as well, but it was also clearly influenced by Ikuhara’s psychedelic fabulousness. The whole use of dreams allows fantastic exploration of these apparently moe characters, specifically Cocona and Yayaka. There is also an obvious influence on the series from precure, which was instrumental in Flip Flapper ability to cast a light upon the magical girl genre, which has been steeped in darkness since Madoka Magica and the unfortunate ripples it had in anime. If you’re going to have a dark magical girl show, don’t market it toward men. Of course there is fanservice in Flip Flappers, which is too bad, but I don’t really care. This show is fantastic and, if it counts for anything, Crunchyroll files it under Shoujo. Other fantastic shows were Sound! Euphonium, which I never saw anything about here, Scum’s Wish and Dragonmaid. I’d love to see anifem cover Monogatari, or at least cover Owarimonogatari’s second season this summer. There’s so much to discuss, it’s an entire world of potential debate over feminist merit and you haven’t even touched it, which is disappointing.

  • Rory More

    I really enjoyed Interviews with Monster Girls when I really did not expect to. I’ve never been a fan of “cute girls do cute things” and I argue I still am. That show was filled with awesome discussion on disability, race relations, friendship and a whole bunch of other themes that were handled with grace, all wrapped up in an entertaining package. The small parts that would have been a red flag for me in another show were easily glossed over for me because of how neat everything else was.

  • Danielle Henry

    I’ve noticed that Your Name hasn’t come up on AniFem yet. EDIT: Oops it has, I thought I read that article somewhere else, sorry! I had a ton of thoughts watching that movie; moments where I thought it did such an amazing job with the gender swap, but then moments like the boob-groping when Taki woke up in Mitsuha’s body. I feel like that is likely a form of sexual assault/definitely loss of agency, but then again, Mitsuha’s waking up in Taki’s body and so he’s losing agency as well (although Mitsuha doesn’t grope his body on screen . . . ). I love Makoto Shinkai for his beautiful art, and I loved Your Name in spite of some of its problematic moments. He seems to be very hit or miss with women in his works.

    I just finished Yuri on Ice two days ago. I have to say, I was so impressed, but why the sibling love? I haven’t done a lot of research into why/how this is portrayed so often in Japanese anime. I want to submit an article idea for it, just haven’t hammered out much of a thesis yet.

    I know Himotou! Umaru-chan came out in 2015, but I did watch it within the last six months and they just announced a season 2. It is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me because I go back and forth about whether or not I feel it’s doing a good job with the characters, particularly Umaru. While I relate to her interests, and while I find it pretty funny and adorable, it’s definitely a portrayal of a young woman with geeky interests from an otaku male gaze (you must be captivating, beautiful AND like what I like). I almost want to re-watch it and see why she feels the need to hide her interests; I never caught if it was her own decision because she’s ashamed of her interests or if it was pressure from the outside (or both). Either way, I sometimes relate to Umaru well, but other times (like when she walks down halls and everyone stares) I feel very distant from her experiences. Princess Jellyfish is a good comparison point to me. Although it shows nerdy NEETs who don’t have a strong preference for putting a lot of work into their appearance, and although they are given the “makeover” treatment, it seems to be less “you should be pretty so everyone can enjoy how you look” and more “you should dress nicely so that business people will take you seriously.” Of course, there is a lot to be said about how much more effort women are expected to put into their appearance in order to be taken seriously than men are expected to as well . . . but that’s a little outside the point. I’d really like to see AniFem talk about shows like Umaru-chan though; it’s a little basic, but I think it’s important.

    I’m having a hard time with Food Wars (again, not last six months, sorry . . .). My boyfriend loves it, my roommate thinks it’s funny, and I can see why and respect their opinions, but the fanservice . . . I can usually handle fanservice in doses that I can ignore (which makes it hard for me to weigh in on these discussions, because I’ve gotten amazing at ignoring it, but I’m trying to change that so I can contribute to discussions about it) but it’s pretty hard to ignore the fanservice in Food Wars. I made an agreement to watch it if my boyfriend watches Haikyuu though, sooooo . . . we’ll see how that goes.

    Sorry for all the jumbled thoughts!