[AniFemTalk] Which anime would suit women-only screenings?

You almost certainly heard about the women-only screenings one cinema chain in the US held for newly released Wonder Woman. Predictably, some manbabies kicked off, only to be dismissed, ignored and outright mocked. Since then, those who attended the screenings have talked about how empowering it felt to watch this film about powerful women in a room full of women.

Assuming for the purposes of this post that “women-only” would be inclusive of trans women and non-binary people:

  • Which anime series, OVA or film do you think would be most satisfying to watch in women-only screenings?
  • Which currently unadapted manga would, if made into an anime, be fun to watch in a women-only environment?
  • Which single episode of anime would you most want to watch with a large group of women?
  • How do you think a women-only screening would change your viewing experience for anime which are less feminist-friendly?
  • Are there any anime you think would be less meaningful to watch in a women-only environment?
  • Male supporters of AniFem, which anime would you recommend or expect to see picked up for women-only screenings?


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  • DeepSubmerge

    Could you imagine watching an episode of Tokyo Tarareba Girls (manga only) with a bunch of women? Crack open the champagne!

    • Oh my goodness

      I need this in my life

    • Champagne though? Surely it would need to be beer!

    • Kookiebish

      I take it this is a recommend?

  • arcelian

    Cardcaptor Sakura! (Though I’m not sure how much of that is just me wanting to watch it with my little sister sometime…)

    A lot of Ghibli movies, too, though Nausicaa in particular would be fun, I think.

  • Most satisfying to watch in women-only screenings? I can’t decide on a single candidate, but in general, it would need to be something exceptionally popular with women.

    Single episode I’d most want to watch with a large group of women? The Takarazuka Revue adaptation of anything.

    The viewing experience for anime which are less feminist-friendly? I expect a women-only audience would feel free to heckle.

    • Blusocket

      Oh my god, imagine watching like, Ikki Tousen with a theater full of women. I think someone on twitter also suggested Seven Mortal Sins which would be hilarious. It would probably have to be limited to a few episodes rather than a whole season/series (there is SO MUCH Ikki Tousen???) but those few episodes would be an incredible experience.

  • Eduardo De Lima

    hmm, Taiyou no Ie would certainly be an awesome show if turned into anime for an woman-only screeening.

  • livresquare

    In terms of series I think that something like Michiko et Hatchin, Dennou Coil or Princess Jellyfish would be fun to watch. Not sure about movies though, definitely something from Ghibli

  • Kerfuffle

    I can easily see my sisters going to do this for Nana…

  • TheSojourner

    Two that come immediately to mind…

    Princess Jellyfish – a fun story about two very eccentric and unlikely people coming together, and the very eccentric friends around them.

    Moribito:Guardian of the Spirit – The story follows Balsa, a skilled warrior, as she protects a prince. Balsa is a complex character. And bonus points for the anime never once delving into obvious fanservice.

  • Caitlin

    I think it comes from the idea of a screening as a group experience, rather than people just happening to be at the same place. If you’re there for a group experience, chances are you’re seeking some sort of commonality with the other people there. That commonality can vary – for example, if you’re going to a screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show, you’re not there to experience the story and characters, but for the spectacle of and participation in the subculture.
    In some contexts, that commonality can be based on gender. Seeking a space free of masculine perspectives that tend to dominate, to enjoy the feminine with other people who have that one crucial trait in common – it can be powerful. As in the case of the Wonder Woman screenings, women commented that it was cathartic to see a woman so unquestionably in power, driving the plot, free of the male gaze, surrounded only by other women who sought a like-minded crowd.

    • BlueRayman

      I can defiantly get behind that as an idea and support women only screenings, although I’d be a little sad that I wouldn’t be able to go myself. I can appreciate the need for space to be unobserved by people not in your group/subculture – I’m sure a lot of people posting here have been to anime conventions and geeked out in a way you can’t in real life – hopefully the idea of women only screenings will catch on, its just a shame because I enjoy a girls night more than a guys night, but I can get over missing a cinema trip.

  • Moni

    Princess Jellyfish would be fun to watch with other women, the geeky comedy and the lovely message of finding your own fashion that makes you happy is one for all.
    Another I think would be Naruto, because while the mangaka has awesome women characters he never really utilizes them to their full potential and his conservative views of women bleed through. The majority of the women characters are healers and or don’t get many fights and we don’t really see what they do as adults. This is me ranting a bit now but I was furious during Neji’s first major character arc in the chunin exams where the structure of the Hyuga clan is explained we never get Hinata’s views on the clan’s structure nor do we really see how or if the structure is ever reformed. And Anko, he sets up a possible plot with Anko confronting Kabuto and she’s just unconscious for the rest of the series.

  • Lebdawho

    So, not gonna lie, part of me really wants to have a female only screening of something super masculine, like Gundam: The Origins just so that female fans of things that are seen as hardcore science fiction can just sit and rejoice in not having to defend our love of something with extra knowledge to basically prove we are “real geeks”.

    The other much more practical side of me really wants to have women only screens of things that are super emotional like Torodora or Ano Hana. I also jump on the Princess Jellyfish bandwagon hardcore! I feel I should see if I can find a place to have a special event for something like that!