[AniFemTalk] Which anime would suit women-only screenings?

You almost certainly heard about the women-only screenings one cinema chain in the US held for newly released Wonder Woman. Predictably, some manbabies kicked off, only to be dismissed, ignored and outright mocked. Since then, those who attended the screenings have talked about how empowering it felt to watch this film about powerful women in a room full of women.

Assuming for the purposes of this post that “women-only” would be inclusive of trans women and non-binary people:

  • Which anime series, OVA or film do you think would be most satisfying to watch in women-only screenings?
  • Which currently unadapted manga would, if made into an anime, be fun to watch in a women-only environment?
  • Which single episode of anime would you most want to watch with a large group of women?
  • How do you think a women-only screening would change your viewing experience for anime which are less feminist-friendly?
  • Are there any anime you think would be less meaningful to watch in a women-only environment?
  • Male supporters of AniFem, which anime would you recommend or expect to see picked up for women-only screenings?


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