[AniFemTalk] 12 Days of Anime

It’s that time of year again: bloggers all over the internet are signing up to write a dozen posts on the anime of 2017. AniFem isn’t participating this year, but we wanted to open the discussion up to our readers: what were your standouts of 2017?

  • What series from early this year are you still thinking about?
  • What underrated gems do you wish more people had watched?
  • What ideas or themes from a show you loved have you been waiting for a chance to talk about?
  • Feel free to share your “12 Days” ideas!


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  • chises

    I will not be forgetting Dragon Maid for a long while to come. I picked up the series with no prior knowledge of the source material and only a cursory glance at the plot description, and what I found was an adorable story about lesbians and learning how to live in a foreign environment. This show means the world to me and I personally related to Kobayashi a lot, especially with how she shows/reacts to affection. I do think that KyoAni should’ve done more to remove scenes that portrayed underage characters in inappropriate situations, but in spite of that, everything else about this show was top-tier in my opinion. Here’s to hoping that there’s a season 2!

  • GreyLurker

    The other night we dusted off my DVD of Tokyo Godfathers. It’s a great Christmas movie but also one that points out a lot of things in society people try to ignore. I think it’s a wonderful film for your Christmas viewing

    as for things from this year. Magic Circle Guru Guru is my underrated gem, it’s a fun spoof of RPG tropes as a couple of kids travel their world to defeat the evil demon lord. Yes it very silly but it also is a really sweet story

  • flarglepuf

    My favorite shows from 2017 that I’d recommend to anyone without hesitation have been
    -BNHA s2: a huge improvement on a great s1, very solid shounen
    -Made in Abyss: made me cry a great many ugly tears
    -Children of the Whales: interesting world building, great art
    -Recovery of an MMO Junkie: the sweetest show this year

    Additional favorites that would need some disclaimers before I recommend them are
    -We Love Rice: very stupid but very fun short-form anime. Don’t expect anything groudbreaking
    -Yowamushi Pedal s3: you know exactly what you’re getting by 3 seasons in, which is a middling sports anime with really endearing characters
    -Kabukibu: depends on your tolerance of club anime, but I thought it was a fun time with some genuine heart for the art of Kabuki

  • TaraMayB

    As far as stuff that aired this year goes I’d have to say

    – BnHA S2 was great. Improved on S1 and was just a lot of fun, save for when minetta is onscreen.
    – MMO Junkie has been a generally lovely time, except for the asshole ‘friend’ of Sakurai. Really love the way they explore the way a friendly online community can affect people for the better, while also doing a decent job at portraying how isolating and hostile those spaces can turn out to be (that scene with Lily being bombarded by messages was really effective).
    – Land of the Lustrous has been…oh wow, what a fun ride. I had to go buy the first three volumes just because the season is wrapping up and I want more! Probably my favorite of the year, and Phos is easily one of my favorite MCs in years.
    – Sakura Quest was a fantastic time that I’ll gladly be watching again at some point. It didn’t do anything outstanding per say and it was a real slow build, but it scratched the itch I’ve had since Shirobako wrapped up. That ending had me bawling too.
    – Princess Principal was a standout surprise for me. I hope we get a second season though, it feels a bit incomplete as it stands.
    – Made in Abyss is…….difficult to talk about. There are so many things that it absolutely nailed. It had gorgeous backgrounds, set pieces, and the whole concept of the abyss fascinates me to no end. But…I just couldn’t keep going. It hit a point where I thought “I think the author is getting off on the way he treats Riko and Regu” and after that I had to bow out. It’s a series that I’m going to be thinking about for a long, long time, because it does so much right. That said, I couldn’t stick with it and will probably not be coming back to it when S2 rolls around. If anyone here does a write-up on it though, I’ll definitely read it!

    • j____l

      Argh, I just realized that it probably was that creepy „friend“ that made me stop watching MMO Junkie. Need to finish it at some point but that guy is just iffy.

  • AsteriskCGY

    I really like Flying Witch and just started picking up the manga. I think that was this year. I’ve been meaning to work through the blu ray, but I also been meaning to catch up with the Fall and Winter season stuff.

  • LoveDeluxe

    Sakura Quest, Princess Principal, and Houseki no Kuni are my top anime of the year. Sakura Quest was always relaxing, mature, well-handled, never melodramatic, and very relatable. Princess Principal was fantastic start to finish and I really hope there’s a season 2 and we get confirmation of Ange & Charlotte cause we need more lesbian/bi characters in media! Houseki no Kuni has some mildly annoying fanservice but it’s never particularly egregious; amazing storyboarding, animation, art, direction, editing, sound, voice acting, and Phos is a great protagonist.